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Our Curriculum and Instruction Philosophy:


St. Ann’s Academy exists to provide a Catholic education in the Hornell area so that our children can learn in an environment that enables them to become well-grounded spiritually and exceptional academically. It is our goal to educate our children by cultivating the whole person mind, body, and soul uniting a spiritual life with work, study, and play. We believe that a rigorous, faith-based education and vibrant Catholic culture should be within reach of all parents who seek this formation for their children.

St. Ann’s Academy implements a Dynamic Grouping approach to individualizing instruction to each student. This means that if, through regular grade testing, and with a teacher’s assessment, a student is above or below teaching levels in any subject the teacher can have that student participate in another grade level in that subject to see if the student would be more attuned to the new level. Students move in and out of leveled groups to fit their ability.

Students at St. Ann’s Academy also work in a multi-age classroom setting. There are many benefits to this type of classroom environment (source: Association for Childhood Education International):

            • Children spend several years with the same teacher(s), allowing the teacher(s) to develop a deep understanding of each child’s strengths and needs.
            • Children have several years to develop and can work at their own pace. They are viewed as individuals.
            • Older children have the opportunity to mentor others and take leadership roles in the classroom. Similarly, younger children are exposed to the higher level problem-solving and thinking skills of the older classmates.

Students are assessed each marking period (at a minimum) to track growth and progress. The QRI (Qualitative Reading Inventory) is administered to each student to document student growth throughout the school year. Students are also assessed on their mathematics skills using a Saxon math placement test and continuing with benchmark assessments throughout the school year.

We would like to thank St. John Bosco Schools (Rochester, NY) for guidance and assistance in writing our curriculum and standards. We are also grateful to Dr. Alicia Wheaton for sharing her expertise in elementary curriculum. Dr. Wheaton holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction, Master’s of Science in Management Information Systems, and a Master’s in Education as an Instructional Specialist.





Our Learning Standards:      


St. Ann's Academy follows a challenging curriculum that exceeds NYS Standards and also includes daily religious instruction. Our curriculum has been reviewed and approved by the Hornell City School District Superintendent. 

Students in grades 3-6 are tested annually using the Tera Nova Complete Battery.  Last year, our students scored in the top 15% of all students in the nation in both Math (grades 3-6) and Reading (grades 3-5).  View test results here.

We utilize a dynamic grouping model and our teachers emphasize hands-on learning projects. Please click on the links below to view our complete Pre-K through 6th Grade standards:


English Language Arts

View our ELA Standards

Textbooks/programs used:

  • Pre K Reading: Happily Ever After
  • K-2 Reading: Super Kids
  • 1-2 Grammar & Writing: Voyages in English
  • 3-6 Reading: Reader's Workshop & Journeys
  • 3-6 Grammar & Writing: Voyages in English

Reading & comprehension is supplemented with the Headsprout program and the Raz Kids program

Grammar is supplemented with the IXL grammar program



View our  Math Standards

Textbooks/programs used:

  • Pre-K: Custom teacher-created program
  • K-6: Saxon Math (with additional emphasis on student explanation)
  • For accelerated students who have completed 6th grade math studies, we use the Saxon 7th grade math program.

Math work is supplemented with the IXL math program



View our Science Standards

Textbooks/program used:

  • Pre-K and K-6: Custom teacher-created program that is project-based

SAA holds a school-wide science fair each spring.

In addition, students in grades 4-6 participate in the annual Alfred State College Science Fair.  We have had multiple individual winners and in 2017 SAA was awarded "Best School" in the 4-6 grade division.



Social Studies

View our Social Studies Standards

Textbooks/program used:

  • Pre-K and K-6: Custom teacher-created program that is project-based



Religious Education

View our Religious Ed standards by grade level:


Pre K 3rd Grade
Kindergarten 4th Grade
1st Grade 5th Grade
2nd Grade 6th Grade


Textbooks/programs used:

  • Pre-K: God Made the World (Loyola Press)
  • Kindergarten: God Loves Us (Loyola Press)
  • Grades 1-6: Finding God (Loyola Press)

SAA Faith in Action... Daily Prayers, Monthly Mass, & Charity:

It is very important to us that our students not only read about the Catholic faith, but that they actually live it:  we begin each day with the entire school gathered together for morning prayers, the Pledge of Allegiance, and special intentions; we attend and participate in First Friday Mass each month at St. Ann's Church and also attend Mass on all Holy Days of Obligation; we schedule local Priests and Deacons to visit the school and speak with the children on a regular basis; and we ensure that our students participate in charitable projects throughout the year.


Exploring Faith Through Art

We are very excited to include art history in our Grades 1-6 Religious Education programs.  Children will learn about the Catholic faith through the study of classic art work.

- Exploring Faith Through Art Overview Video

- Exploring Faith Through Art Program Overview (pdf)

- Sample Lesson (pdf)




PE/Art/Music/Library/Technology/AIS & Enrichment

Our K-6 students attend PE (gym/swim) 3 days per week and Music 2 days per week at the Hornell YMCA. 

All K-6 students have an AEIS period daily (AEIS = Academic Enrichment & Intervention Services).  This time is devoted to providing extra challenges or extra help, depending on the needs of the individual student.

Technology (computer usage and instruction) is integrated into all classes. Upper grade students use Google Classroom and the G-Suite for Education apps.  They also use innovative programs such as PenPal Schools and listen to educational podcasts.  In addition, students in grades 5/6 learn to keyboard using UltraKey Online.

Library is held once per week. 


Hands-on, Cross-Curricular Learning

Our teachers emphasize hands-on, cross-curricular learning, which means our students learn math while doing science projects, religion while doing social studies projects, and ELA while doing everything!  This approach brings learning to life for our students and allows them to make lasting connections across multiple disciplines.

Please visit our facebook photo pages to see what our students have been doing in (and out of) their classrooms.  Our teachers are very creative! 



If you have questions about our curriculum, please contact Mark Morrissey or (607) 281-1010. Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 446, Hornell, NY 14843.





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